Still, I Long

My happiness is my responsibility

I know that alright

By day I invest in thoughts, conversations, activities

That create hope, energy.

At night I dwell on gratitude, rest, renewal.

Though I lay on no one the expectation

Still I long

For arms around me

My head resting over a steadily palpitating heart

Warm breathe fusing with mine.

Strong, maybe

Content, I try

But still I long.


It’s Safe, Step Out

You inhabit an exclusive chamber in my heart

Most serene

One where I see no impossibilities, only potential

No distance, only bridges

There you’ve been, safely and quiet

Radiating joy with every word

But now I wish you’d spring out

From the annals where only I know

And lock hands with mine

Confront our fears

Scale all hurdles

Share the victory, build new hopes, dream new dreams

I wish there’s a chamber in your’s too where I can hook my cord

To complete the embrace

To seal this undoubtedly formidable bond.


Wherever the road leads

I thought I was helpless

Held in a spell

I didn’t know

That the rope around me was mine

Tied by no one else but me

I held the knot

Watched myself fumble with it

It wasn’t that tight

I realized.

It’s not that I couldn’t untie it

I didn’t want to.

Then I did

No magical moment or anything

But I did something I never thought I’d do.

I opened the door and left

I didn’t lock it behind me

If I may ever return.

I threw the rope down a cliff

Never to use it on myself again

Here or anywhere else.

Now I walk, freely, and not afraid of myself

Wherever the road leads.

I Waited

I want to tell my heart to rest tonight

‘Cause I’ve given all I can and there’s nothing left to do

Love ain’t no sport, I’ll lay no bait

Neither will I give up the fight

I’ll sit on this boat and wait

Paddle when it’s stormy

Just ride when it’s calm

There’s got to be a shore somewhere

It may be too far ’cause I can’t see it

Or maybe it’s near but the atmosphere’s dark

Whichever it is, distance or darkness

I’ll sit it through

At the end I’ll know, I waited.

Let Me Be on My Way

We liked each other fast,
I was happy with the pace
But if you feel you got in too soon
Please open the door, let me be on my way.
We’ve had good times together
Opportunities to know each other
If I’m not all that you wanted in virtue
Please open the door, let me be on my way.
Your tenderness is what drew me to you like a magnet,
But I’ve also found this compartment of cold silence
I’ve tried to break through it to understand you but it’s heavily guarded
If it’s not temporal,
Please open the door, let me be on my way.
My career and stability is still wobbly
I don’t have everything figured out
Maybe you have a baseline and I’m below it
I’m trying to make my life amount to something
If it’s too long for you to wait
Please open the door, let me be on my way.
I’m anxious about my future
I worry that my anxiety appales you
Worrying about you is making it worse
If you don’t visualize me in your future
Set me free, open the door, and I’ll be on my way.